Request Photos from Patient

Patients have the ability to submit photographs for a practice provider to review. Images are extremely effective at providing additional context on certain conditions such as rashes or other skin conditions. 

Web Version

  1. When an iFollowUp encounter is created using the Web Version, the patient automatically receives a link to submit photos. 

Mobile Version

  1. Open the sidebar using the icon in the top left corner and select My FollowUp
  2. Select the patient that you intend to send a photo request
  3. On the patient screen, scroll down and select Photo Request

  4. The patient will automatically be sent the following message:

    Hello, this is [PROVIDER’S NAME] office. Please open the below link and follow our direction to send a photo. [SYSTEM GENERATED LINK]
  5. When the patient receives the text and clicks on the link, they will be taken to a page with additional instructions. The patient will click Choose File, and then can either take a new picture or upload an existing picture. After choosing the picture, the patient will select Upload.