Viewing Patient Photos

Patients have the ability to submit photographs to a provider through iFollowUp. Images are extremely effective at providing additional context on certain conditions such as rashes or other skin conditions. 

Web Version

  1. From the iFollowUp List, scroll or search for the patient. There are numbers listed under the columns labeled # Img and # P-Img# Img is for images that a Provider sends to a Patient. # P-Img is for images that a Patient sends to a Provider. The number in the column represents the number of photographs that have been sent or received. To view either columns photographs, click the number in the appropriate column.

  2. Images can be selected to open up for a larger view with the ability to zoom in. 

Mobile Version

  1. Open the sidebar using the icon in the top left corner and select My FollowUp
  2. Select the patient for whom you would like to view the photo gallery 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the record. Patient submitted photos and internal photos are at the bottom of the iFollowUp patient encounter record.